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A construction team collaborates effectively to strategize project execution. Their meticulous planning ensures the successful completion of the project from start to finish. Construction strategy, planning, teamwork, collaboration, project execution, project management.


Our business plan 2017-2022, Rapid Expansion, outlines the strategic direction that will take AACP to the next level. After, 5-6 years of organic growth, our aim is to seek rapid growth by aggressively seeking new clientele, venturing into new territories, seeking and hiring the best talent and expanding our portfolio of services and projects. To facilitate this strategy there will be a greater focus on:-




By venturing into Design Bid Build (DBB) projects, Joint Ventures (JV) for commercial development, Turnkey Projects and most importantly our long-standing goal of construction products (spun pipes, cold ready mix asphalt, etc.), we will be able to leverage the infrastructure boom in India to achieve our strategic vision.   



To reach our goals we plan to offer a place to work with dedicated colleagues in an open and high-performance culture with sound values, a company that fosters collaboration and development, and an organisation where every employee has a strong passion to deliver results and contribute to our vision. Thus, in order to be more prepared than our competitors and capitalise quickly on new opportunities, we are continuously seeking the best of the best, to add on to our highly talented candidate pool. 




Based out of and with most of our projects clustered around Bangalore, we plan to expand and establish a strong foothold in south India states such as Keral, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

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