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Veersandra Lake Development | Titan CSR

Proposed Lake

Client: Titan

Nature of Work: Turnkey | Design Build

We have been awarded the contract for Phase II development of Veersandra Lake as a part of Titan's CSR initiative. We are excited to be part of this great initiative to help reinvigorate the dying lakes in Bangalore City. We will be rejuvenating about 7 acres which will provide a serene & beautiful location to the residents of the village. With a proposed jogging track, gazebo, small pond for idol immersion during festivals, the lake will become a hub for the residents to meet, play, rest or conduct social gatherings.

As part of the phase 2 rejuvenation we will be laying paver blocks on all the bunds, fence the lake boundary to secure the lake, construct japanese gates and other landscape beautification works to improve the biodiversity in and around the lake.

We are truly passionate & enthusiastic to be carrying out this lake rejuvenation project and are looking forward to completing our scope of works within budget & schedule and with quality & safety standards we are renown for.


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