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Transforming Spaces: AACP Completes INR 15 Crores Worth of Development at BOSCH

Client: BOSCH

Nature of Work: Roads, Drains & External Development


In a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation, AACP Infrastructure Systems is proud to announce the successful completion of external development works valued at INR 15 Crores for our esteemed client, BOSCH, at their sprawling campus in Adugodi. The project, which encompassed a diverse range of development activities, stands as a beacon of our dedication to transforming spaces into vibrant and functional environments.

Scope of Work:

  1. Concrete & Bituminous Roads: Our team at AACP Infrastructure Systems laid the foundation for smoother and more efficient mobility on the BOSCH campus. The installation of high-quality concrete and bituminous roads ensures a reliable network of pathways that facilitate seamless traffic flow within the campus.

  2. Small Building Works: AACP took charge of small building works, addressing the specific needs of BOSCH's evolving campus. Whether constructing new structures or enhancing existing ones, our team prioritized functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

  3. Drain Works: A crucial aspect of the project involved upgrading and optimizing the drainage systems on the campus. AACP Infrastructure Systems implemented state-of-the-art drain works to mitigate waterlogging issues and enhance the overall safety and cleanliness of the environment.

  4. Beautification Works: Beyond functionality, aesthetics played a key role in the transformation of the BOSCH campus. Our beautification works included the installation of visually appealing elements such as green spaces, artistic structures, and landscaping, creating an environment that inspires creativity and well-being.

  5. Cost-Efficiency and Timely Completion: AACP Infrastructure Systems prides itself on delivering projects on time and within budget. The INR 15 Crores worth of external development works at BOSCH's Adugodi campus is a testament to our commitment to cost-efficiency without compromising quality.


The successful completion of this project underscores AACP Infrastructure Systems' capabilities in undertaking large-scale, diverse development works. The transformation of BOSCH's campus at Adugodi not only enhances the functionality of the space but also contributes to the creation of a visually appealing and sustainable environment.

As we celebrate the successful collaboration with BOSCH, we look forward to continuing our mission of reshaping landscapes and creating spaces that inspire growth and innovation.

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AACP Infrastructure Systems - Shaping Environments, Inspiring Growth.


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