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Sustainable Rejuvenation of Public Infrastructure | ABB CSR

Proposed Lake

Client: Pothole Raja / ABB

Nature of Work: Road Works, Drain Works, Stainless Steel Works

We have been awarded the contract for Rejuvenation / development of 1.2 KM of public road bordering ABB by PotHoleRaja as a part of ABB's CSR initiative. We are excited to be part of this fantastic initiative to upgrade & standardize public roads & drains. About 1.2KM of roads will be fixed and resurfaced. This rejuvenation will also include construction of drains, cleaning of old drains, installing stainless steel railings and installation of boulders as well.

An exciting prospect in this project is the use of Potehole Raja's patended GridMats in chambers and walkways to reduce the carbon footprint of the project. With our construction expertise we will be working with PotHole Raja to successfully test and implement precast chamber covers using plastic waste.

We are truly passionate & enthusiastic to be carrying out this project and are looking forward to completing our scope of works within budget & schedule and with quality & safety standards we are renown for.


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