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Innovative Solution to Help Tackle Deteriorating Roads with Pothole Raja

Recycling & Renewables

Witnessing the deteriorating roads in and around Bangalore, we have ventured into a partnership with Pothole Raja to offer Road Construction & Maintenance through an innovative Annual Maintainance Contract (AMC) basis wherein we will leverage both our strengths to ensure pothole free roads to Private Manufacturing Industries, IT Tech Parks and Residential Layouts.

By utilizing our decades of experience in road construction & Pothole Raja's new and innovative products & methodologies we are endeavoring to design, construct & maintain the roads throughout its lifecycle. By adopting the entire life cycle of the road construction process under our scope, it us in our best interest to design and construct the roads in a manner which will ensure the highest of quality and best of value to the client. By entering into an AMC and agreeing to maintain the roads through its lifecycle, any pothole that arises, will be cleared with the use of Pothole Raja's innovative cold asphalt mix within hours of identification thus providing a hassle free experience for the client and end user.

We are excited to work with Pothole Raja in this innovative endeavor and we look forward to providing a smooth road user experience.

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