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Rain Water Harvesting System: Commercial Building

Our MD in Kick Off Meeting

Building & Location: Commercial Building in HSR Layout

Nature of Work: Design, Plumbing & Structural Steel Work

Having worked extensively in an industrial setting AACP has now ventured into residential and commercial sector. With lakhs of square footage of rooftop available in the city we believe crores of liters of water can be harvested and stored every year.

That being said we recently took up the implementation of an RWH system right from designing, execution and handing over for a commercial building in HSR Layout. Factors like rooftop area, average annual rainfall, space available, budget, etc. were considered in the design. Due to space constraints we installed two storage tanks of 2000 Litres each interconnected with each other. These two tanks are in turn connected to an underground sump of 10000 Liters.

Since commissioning the system almost 25k Litres of water has been harvested and reused in 3 Months. As water becomes scarce and priceless each liter saved will lead to exponential dividends in the future.

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