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Walkway Shelter at TKM

Walkway Shelter

Client: Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP)

Structural Designer: Manju Design Build

Nature of Work: Design, Excavation, Structural Steel Erection, GI Sheet.

After our excellent work at TKAP, Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM), TKAP's parent company has offered us a Design-Build (Turnkey) Contract, where the entire planning designing and execution of the works will be carried out by us. We have partnered with Manju Design Build for their design expertise. Deviating from the general Design-Bid-Build Model, which deals with multiple parties, thus leading to inefficiencies from each party trying to optimize their profits & overheads, this model allows us to be cost effective and agile enough to respond to our clients requirements. The Design-Bid model has also allowed us to coordinate with the structural designer at the early stages of the project to discuss our ideas stemming from on-field experience and incorporating the same which is often not possible in the Design-Bid-Build model as contractors are often called during the end of the design phase.

The first phase required us to erect about 6m of Walkway Shelter inside TKM's's premises which will provide shade for the employees while moving between buildings. Due to stringent working conditions inside TKM's premises we have carried out majority of the welding off-site. The individual elements are then transported to TKM and fixed through a simple nut & bolt mechanism thus, compressing the schedule and improving the efficiency of the project.

Though this project might be on a small scale, we are thrilled to be executing it as it combines the efficient Design-Build Model with the innovative and effective Modular Construction Model. We are grateful to TKAP for providing with an opportunity for executing the project via the Design-Build model and we hope many of our clients follow this model in the future, as it can reduce unforeseen costs and improve projects efficiency.

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