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Surface Reconstruction & Well Construction

Client: Transystem Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

Project Management Consultant: AACP

Nature of Work: Barrication, Rectification & Asphalting Works

Few months ago due to incessant rains the parking yard at Transystem Logistics India (TLI) was undergoing severe problems by to the settling of surface due to the rise in the water table. AACP having dealt with problems of similar nature in the past were called upon to come up with a solution to fix this issue. We suggested them to relay the fault surface with compacted soil, murrum & Water Bound Macadam (WBM) and also dig collection pits at specific locations to lower the water table. Having inquired from other consultancies, TLI identified our solution to be the best as well as most const effective, thus giving us the contract to execute the works. We are once again happy the more of our clients are approaching us during the design phase of the contract so, we can provide our expertise and help work towards a more cost effective solution. This is our 2nd Turnkey Project.

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