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Eco Zone Development

Land Formation | Road Works | Wetland Creation

Client: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM)

Project Management Consultant: JLL

Nature of Work: Eco Zone Development

This beautiful project envisioned my Toyota aims to open up a serene, environmental friendly open space for their employees. The project was split into three stages:-

Land Formation: Spread over 90,000 Sqm, the entire stretch of land was to be formed to specific levels by cutting soil from locations which are high and filling the same in low lying areas to achieve the desired land profile. The land formation required, cutting and filling about 80,000 cum of soil, followed by compaction to reach the required optimum moisture content (OMC) & dry density.

Roads & Drains: The second phase of the works involves, laying of roads for movement of man & vehicles. Drains were developed to collect & cart away rain water.

Wetland Development: Wetland along with manufacturing & installation of stone pillars was developed to beautify the open space.

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