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Civil Dismantling, Road Rectification & Widening Works at Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM)

Dismantled Road Ready for Re-Asphalting

Client: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) Pvt. Ltd.

Project Management Consultant: JLL

Nature of Work: Rectification, Widening & Asphalting Works

Rectification works inside Toyota Kirloskar Motors is always a challenging task. The reason being that the rework generally needs to be performed outside the working hours of the plant for regular manufacturing activities not to be disturbed. This constraint placed on us requires us to be diligent and have strict control over our schedule in order to complete any and all works within the period allotted to us. Failure to adhere would otherwise lead to disruption of the activities of the plant and consequent financial losses.

This work involves dismantling concrete, existing asphalt surface and relaying Granular Sub Base (GSB) & Asphalt.

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