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Abbankuppe Lake Rejuvenation

Proposed Lake

Client: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) Pvt. Ltd.

Project Management Consultant: STEM

Nature of Work: Lake Development

We have been awarded the contract for development of Abanakuppe Lake as a part of Toyota’s CSR initiative. We are excited to be part of this great initiative to help reinvigorate the dying lakes in Bangalore City. We will be rejuvenating about 3.5 acres set to house about 20570 cum of lake which will provide a serene & beautiful location to the residents of the village. With a proposed jogging track, gazebo, small pond for idol immersion during festivals, the lake will become a hub for the residents to meet, play, rest or conduct social gatherings.

The Lake which is located in Banandur Village (Lat 12°46'38"N & Long 77°24'22"E); North of Abbankuppe Village is currently filled with monsoon rains with beautiful lotus’s sprouting in the middle. With a catchment area of 198.57 Acres occupied by industrial, residential & agricultural lands there is a net annual inflow volume of 344.121 Ha-m.

The lake with two inlets & 1 outlet has extensive amounts of sullage entering into the lake through its inlets thus polluting the lake. Also, significant amounts of solid waste has been dumped into the lake thus contributing to its pollution. On testing conduced by the consultants for the project STEM, the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) are within permissible values thus suggesting to us that the lake isn’t polluted to a large extent.

To rejuvenate the lake, we will be required to first dewater and desilt the entire lake. After which the entire lake bed will be strengthened, followed by improving existing bunds & creating new bunds. Wasteweir reconstruction as well as inlet arrangements will be taken up subsequently. Hardscaping works such as walkway, fencing for security, preparation of wetland, idol immersion tank, children’s playground, etc. are carried out to provide access for people to the lake. Finally softscaping activities including but not limited to plantations, hariyala, seating facilities, etc. will be provided.

We are truly passionate & enthusiastic to be carrying out this lake rejuvenation project and are looking forward to completing our scope of works within budget & schedule and with quality & safety standards we are renown for.

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