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Foray Into Modular Construction

AACP keeping inline with the Lean Culture of continuous improvement has initiated its shift towards modular construction. From here on out all the barbending and reinforcement cutting works for our construction activities will be conducted off site using computer mechanized equipment. We will be incorporating these activities along with the lead times into our schedules, thus giving us control over the entire supply chain of the reinforcement steel activity.

Our initiative to provide ready to fix “cut and bent steel” to the construction sites in Bengaluru will not only provide us with improved efficiency but will also enable builders and contractors to take advantage of our value added service to achieve better quality in their workmanship, faster completion of works and considerable saving of money while providing a safer environment on site.

Steel reinforcement cutting and bending on site traditionally is a manpower intensive & inefficient process:-

Firstly, a lot of space is used on-site for

  1. Storage of Steel bars

  2. “Cutting and bending” area

  3. Storage of bend up steel

  4. Scrap storage

Not just that, the expenditure for the activity increases due wastages such as

  1. Idle labour charges

  2. Wastage of steel

  3. Scraping

  4. Theft

  5. Over usage and many more

These drawback and more can be addressed by using ready to use cut & bent steel. Following are some of the benefits:-

  1. Machine cut steel are of accurate sizes and shapes as per the drawings. This helps in achieving better quality of workmanship.

  2. Ready to use cut and bent steel bars are always fresh steel so there is no rust in the reinforcement which again leads to a better quality of construction.

  3. Proper tracking of the Steel usage.

  4. Site space usage is reduced drastically

  5. Cost of cutting and bending gets reduced

  6. No scrap – no wastage – cost benefit

  7. Steel stealing gets eliminated

  8. Superior QUALITY of work

  9. Speedy work – saving time

  10. Much safer – no safety issues on the part of steel cutting and bending

  11. Labour requirement on site is considerably reduced

  12. No setup or equipment to be made on site on this account

With many labors working on sites there also exists safety issues, primarily with workers working with machineries like steel cutting machine & welding machine, as well as including but not limited to handling of reinforcement bars. Thus, with its quality & safety monitored process, use of readily available cut and bent steel can radically reduce the safety issues while improving the efficiencies on site.

(COST + TIME)less & (QUALITY + SAFETY)more


Dushyant Bansal is the Projects Controls Manager of AACP with over 8 years experience in the field of Construction & Project Management Consultancy.

Uma Maheshwar Reddy is the Director of AACP Infrastructure Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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