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New Project: Fixing Potholes Using Cold Ready Mix Asphalt

AACP Infrastructure Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is proud to be awarded the contract for fixing potholes at Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML), Bidadi Plant using cold ready mix asphalt.

Successfully laying traditional hot mix asphalt roads requires large space, high temperatures, complicated machinery, several labourers, and few other weather-related conditions which lead to the release of emissions, high costs, wastage of material, disruption of traffic, etc. These factors limit their use, in areas experiencing cold weather and in industries with severe environmental regulations such as limits placed on smoke, emissions, greenhouse gases etc.

Thus the introduction of cold asphalt technologies allowing the laying of asphalt roads in areas with low temperatures, in absence of any special heavy rolling machine and in an eco-friendly manner can potentially save governments and private entities crores (millions) of rupees (dollars) in fixing potholes which are responsible for causing severe hardships to road users and government officials.

Cold Ready Mix Asphalt which is available in 50 kg bags can be easily procured and poured to fill up potholes with nothing but the asphalt and a heavy object or tamping tool thus simplifying the process to a great extent. In addition to simplifying the process, it offers following benefits:-

  • Eliminates heavy machinery on site and consequently emission, GHG’s, etc.

  • Prevents blocking of entire sections of roads for fixing potholes

  • Long shelf life as compared to 3-4 hours of hot mix asphalt

  • Eliminates wastage of bitumen

That being said, AACP joining an elite list of private and government companies adopting this new asphalting technology, is in line with our vision of being on the forefront of any technological and innovative breakthroughs occurring in the construction industry in India and we hope to emulate this success moving forward.

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